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The Institute for the Study of the Ancient Fencing - "Sala d'Arme ACHILLE MAROZZO" (literally "ACHILLE MAROZZO Fighting Room") - is an Italian sporting-cultural association.

The purposes of "Sala d'Arme ACHILLE MAROZZO" are the followings:

"Sala d'Arme ACHILLE MAROZZO", actually the biggest Ancient Fencing Italian Club, manages a lot of Centers and Courses in Italy (in alphabetical order):

"Sala d'Arme ACHILLE MAROZZO" count s a conspicuous number of students in varied field of study, as well as on the active collaboration with members of other Italian and European associations that concretely work for the diffusion of western martial arts.

"Sala d'Arme ACHILLE MAROZZO" is constituted by real "Sale d'Arme" ("fighting rooms"), that organize Regular Courses of Sporting Teaching , by Groups of Study that research ancient treaties and try to understand their fencing techniques, and sometimes by Groups for Show that realize fights simulated during historical demonstrations.


The reproduction of the material in the website is allowed only on explicit consent of "Sala d'Arme ACHILLE MAROZZO"

English Translated Pages

We are sorry but the only pages translated in English to the moment are:

Introduction (this page)

Study - Schools and Masters of Defense in Italy between the XIII and XV Century
(Lo Studio - Scuole XIII-XV sec.)

The Treatises - Filippo Vadi
(I Trattati - Filippo Vadi)
with the English translation of the Italian publication

The Treatises - Achille Marozzo
(I Trattati - Achille Marozzo )

the other pages are only in Italian, but works are in progess.
However you can communicate in English with us using the forum.

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